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Spring Renewal

Discover the joy that Spring can bring. Flowering wildflowers blanket rolling hills. Maple trees bloom with green leaves. The sun shines brightly at Miraval Berkshires, inviting you to connect to your loved ones and enjoy each moment.

Family Connection Week

A new journey is coming to Miraval Berkshires. Inviting families with children aged 8+ to experience a new tradition of mindfulness. We offer unique opportunities to help families connect with presence and purpose — lessons that each member of the family can benefit from at every stage of life.  

Celestial Summer Events

The celestial cycles provide moments of opportunity that can amplify whatever is going on in your body, mind, and spirit. It is the perfect time to release energies that no longer serve you and make space for celestial light to fulfill your dreams or intentions. Our lunar activities allow you to soak up the energy-filled moonlight while experiencing Miraval Berkshires Programming.

National Culinary Arts Month

Join us in celebrating our chefs and culinary experts at Miraval Berkshires. Let their innovation and enthusiasm awaken your taste buds, encouraging you to explore new flavors and equip yourself with the art of conscious cooking for a more mindful dining experience. 

Authentic Circle Appreciation Week 2024

To express our gratitude, each Miraval destination will host an AC Appreciation Week, dedicated to you and filled with exclusive activities, fireside Miraval specialist chats, intimate lunches with our leadership team, and more. We hope you will join us at Miraval Berkshires to celebrate you and enjoy special rates and extra nightly resort credits.

Yoga Month

Make your yoga retreat about you and celebrate National Yoga Month at Miraval this September. Experience new and innovative classes and reconnect with your personal yoga practice or expand your routine – this is an opportunity to explore and challenge your mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy as many classes as you’d like to suit your personal wellbeing goals and intentions.