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New Year, Renew You

Step into the new year feeling refreshed and renewed. Let us inspire you to unleash your inner adventurer or harness the benefits of mind-body wellness. Gain tools for living your best life throughout the year.

Bond With Balance

Embrace the enchanting winter season to soften into self-love and nurture your cherished bonds with others. Making space for introspection and connection can help you bring your best self to any relationship.

Women’s History Month

At Miraval Arizona, we celebrate the resilience, strength, and achievements of those who identify as women throughout history and in the present moment. Honor their impact by prioritizing your wellness journey.

Women’s Health Week

Whether you’re continuing an ongoing wellness journey or embarking on a new one, our compassionate wellbeing specialists are here to help anyone who identifies as a woman prioritize holistic health with the transformative power of mindfulness.

Sleep Awareness Month

We celebrate Sleep Awareness Month with exclusive offerings and services to help you get your best rest.

Spring Renewal

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit under the radiant Sonoran Sun with all-new wellbeing experiences indented to help you feel enlightened.

International Women’s Day Weekend

Join us with Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, and Yoga & Meditation Teacher Cyndie Spiegel for a transformative weekend of tapping into the practice of microjoys to cultivate balance. Finding microjoys in our everyday lives reinforces the concept that we can simultaneously hold grief in one hand and joy in the other.

Trust The Journey: An Equine Immersion

Guided by our Equine Programming Manager Lucinda Vette’s signature experiences and our horses’ gentle wisdom, this exclusive 4-day immersion will help you trust your inner voice to navigate life's challenges with a renewed sense of purpose and belonging.

Mother’s Day Weekend

Celebrate the people who embody the spirit of motherhood in your life. Whether they are near or far, present or departed, Miraval Arizona can create a container to hold and express your love for them. Explore our suggested experiences to honor this special day.

Celestial Summer Events

Experience the magic of Miraval under the stars. Soak up the energy-filled moonlight in the Sonoran Desert with exclusive Celestial Summer programming.

Father’s Day Weekend

Embrace the outdoors, indulge in healthful cuisine, and discover endless opportunities to build a stronger bond with Dad at Miraval Arizona.